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Training School Center-Marseille

Architecture France

Schools for apprentice training center

Marseille (13)

Grouping of four training centers for apprentices (CFA) within the same facility, including a gymnasium, a restaurant, a documentation center and a trade showcase. The URM is located on 2 plots in the heart of the Euroméditerranée inhabited park, under the CMA-CGM tower. It affirms a “Mediterranean” alternative in its links between city and architecture, structure and envelope, tactile materiality and raw finish.

Materials from the site will provide the materials for the project. This ambition makes it possible to better think ahead about the technique and ergonomics of assemblies, to optimize embodied energy, and to limit the risks of emitting harmful materials over time. The URM, designed as a tool, is based on two main principles which increase its flexibility of use and its capacity for evolution: the structural framework and the climatic partition.


Region PACA



Design team

DE-SO mandataire / TERRENEUVE associés / OTE bet tce / TERRE ECO bet hqe / AKOUSTIK bet acoustique / COSYREST bet cuisine / P. BUISSON paysagiste


18.600 m² GFA

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